Vending and coffee machines



EPIMERIC vending machines are appreciated in lunch and coffee rooms and increase the work satisfaction for the employees. With EPIMERIC vending and coffee machines you can provide your customers and clients with a good cup of coffee or a snack and increase positive business value.



The products in the vending machines are carefully selected together with you to best meet the needs. EPIMERIC present a proposal of suitable machine and mix of products. If everything is according to your expectations we provide you with a machine. If the proposal has not met your expectations we will present a new proposal – we are satisfied when you are!

No fixed fees


We use well-known brands on our machines to secure good quality. Being a client and having collaboration with EPIMERIC, using our vending and coffee machines, there are no fixed fees or compicated contracts. After agreement with you EPIMERIC provide you with the suitable machine for your needs.

About Our Company


EPIMERIC provide you with vending machines serving hot beverages, cold beverages and snacks all year round to your customers, employees or students. We offer you vending machines for free and we install them at your location. The products in the vending machines are carefully selected together with you as the client to best meet your needs.

Different types of vending and coffee machines

EPIMERIC offer you refrigerated vending machines to serve snacks and cold beverages and coffee machines to serve different types of coffee and other hot beverages. Our machines are available in different sizes. For products, there are spiral vending machines and carousel vending machines. What type of machines EPIMERIC will install at your location are selected together with you as the client based on your needs. Which vending and coffee machine will be suitable, also depends on where the machines will be placed and the size of the space.



“At high usage, we can provide more vending machines at the same location to minimize the machine running out of products. EPIMERIC can offer bill changer for a high level of service.”